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Birth to Five, Health Education Authority
Book of Crying Baby, McGrail
Children’s hours: listening creatively to children, Pinney
Getting your Little Darlings to behave, Cowley
Help your children to learn, Dfes
How to give children an emotional headstart, Riekerk

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Covey
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Workbook, Covey
Adolescence the survival guide, Fenwick and Smith
Enjoy your teenagers, Robb and Letts
Enough Abuse, Hawes and Evans
Grow up!, Paterson
How to survive your teenagers, Dainow
Learning journey, Dfes
Parenting Teenagers (STEP), Dinkmeyer
Queen Bees and wannabees, Wiseman
The adolescent Unit, Hollyoake
The parent talk guide to the teenage years, Chalk
The survival handbook for freaked out parents, Watkins
Marriage and Divorce  
Family Upheaval and Change, Step Family Association
Helping children cope with divorce, Wells
Open Family Living, McGinnis and Ayres
Parent Problems, Young Voice
Recovering from the loss of a parent, Donnelly
Services for Carers, Wokingham District Council
Voices in the dark, Mccready and Horrocks
7 principles for making marriage work, Gottman and Silver
501 ways to be a good parent, Elliott
All I need to know I learnt in kindergarten, Fulghum
Anger Management Workbook, Fleeman
Assertiveness, Walmsley
Behaviour can change, Westmacott and Cameron
Body language, Fast
Can we teach children to be good, Straughan
Emotionally Intelligent Parenting, Elias, Tobias and Friedlander
Families and how to survive them, Skinner and Cleese
Family therapy for everyone how to get the best out of living together, Asen
Headstart: How to develop your child’s mind, R Fisher
Helping people help with crime (Victim Support), Ed  Spackman
How to be a better parent, Jardine
How to get what you want and want what you have, Gray
How to handle bullies, teasers and other meanies, Cohen- Posey
How to succeed as a parent, Chalk
How to succeed as working parent, Chalk
How to talk so kids will learn, Faber & Mazlish
How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk, Faber & Mazlish
How to be a gifted parent, Lewis
How to solve your Problems, Rogers
How you feel is up to you, McKay and Dinkmeyer
I’m OK – you’re OK, Harris
Keeping Your Cool, NSPCC
Keep Safe, Wells and Korris
Life and how to survive it, Cleese and Skinner
Managing Anger, Lindenfiled
Non- violent communication: a language of life, Marshall Rosenberg
Parent as Coach, Haskins
Parenting young children, Dinkmeyer
Parents do make a difference, Borba
People making, Satir
Secret of happy children, Biddulph                                                                                            
Self-motivation, Lindenfield
Siblings without rivalry, Faber and mazlish
Six Questions that can Change Your Life, Nowinski
Sixty minute mother, Parsons
Teaching thinking, Coles and Robinson
Teaching children to think, Fisher
The parents handbook, Dinkmeyer
Understanding discipline, Henricson
What every woman should know about men, Brothers
Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps, Pease
Working woman strategies for survival and success, La Rouche and Ryan
Your Child and the Internet, Bartley
Your guide to a happier family,  Faber and Mazlish
When your kids push your buttons, Harris
Videos (teens)
The gap, Young voice
Teenagers in the family, Coleman
Teenagers a survival guide, Carlton
Teenagers, FCT
Videos (general)
5 to 15, FCT
The family dinner game, FCT
Early Learning Video, BBC
Involving Parents, Dfes
Bully Free, Kidscape
Videos (Infants)
Getting thro the day, Carlton
From breakfast to bedtime, NFPI
Reading and Writing Together, Basic Skills Agency
Mathematics, Basic Skills Agency
ADD Educational Medical and Cultural Issues, Coopers Ideas
Asperger’s syndrome, Attwood
EBD, Cooper
Kids Families and Chaos, Mash
Marching to a Different Tune, Fletcher
Parenting the ADD Child, Pentecost
Rethinking ADD, Sharp et al
The Hidden Handicap, Serfontein
Treating Huckleberry Finn, Nylund
Visual Strategies for Improving Communication, Hodgdon

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