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Feedback from parents who have attended Parenting Matters sessions:

“Parenting Matters didn’t change my children, what it changed was my understanding of them and my feelings about myself as a parent. Being a happy confident parent is the best gift you can give to your children.”

“Parenting Matters is an organisation that cares passionately about childhood and the ways in which parents are supported.”

“As a single working mother of two, I was experiencing severe behavioural problems with one of my children and was at a loss to find practical help. I attended a workshop run by Parenting Matters and it was the start of turning everything around in terms of the way I think and act as a parent. I have since attended longer courses and also had one to one help from them.”

“Understanding what I could and could not influence and how to communicate better with my children about the many influences in their lives has been an important learning experience for me.”

“I liked hearing about other parents problems, it helped to put your own in perspective. It’s good hearing how others coped with your situation- it gives you ideas of what you can try.”

“The sessions were very well organised, very friendly and gave us useful information on managing conflict in family life.”

“You have equipped me with a fantastic technique to communicate better with my child.”

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